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- Your name:

Donna Baumbach

- Position:

Professor Emerita

- School name(s):

University of Central Florida

- What subjects to do teach?

Instructional Technology/Educational Media

- What grade levels do you teach? For Higher ed, please use Undergrad, Grad, etc.

Grad and undergrad

- How do you use RCampus in your courses?

I was looking for a good rubric generator and found iRubric. It was so SLICK and easy to use! I never expected interactive! I used it for the final project and embedded the rubric in a wiki for students to see exactly how their work would be evaluated. When it came time to grade (60 projects!) it helped me to stay focused and objective. I was able to leave good comments specific to each criteria and each project. Students liked the immediate feedback and I think appreciated the comments.

- How does RCampus help you?

It saved me HOURS of time in generating a rubric, and even MORE time in grading projects. It also helped me to be more objective.

- How does it help your students?

The rubric gave them specific guidelines for their project and how it would be graded. They could also access their scores and comments online.

- Have you used other websites/systems that provide similar tools? How do you compare us with them?

Yes...but none that were as easy to use or interactive. This is the best by far!

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