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Grading student coursework can be done quickly with a few clicks using iRubric.

Note: For "Educator / Teacher" account users only.



[+] Setup for grading

You will need the following setup to grade with rubrics (click on the links for more information):

  1. Create a class.
  2. Create a coursework for grading.
  3. If you need students to have access to the rubric and their grades, invite them to join your class.
  4. Follow the steps below to attach a rubric to the coursework.

[+] Attach a rubric to a coursework

  1. When building a coursework, attach a rubric to it (Please see How to attach a rubric).
  2. Students will get a copy of the rubric attached to a coursework to better understand your expectations.
Students can also use the attached rubric to perform self-assessment (Please see How to self-evaluate).

[+] Grade using rubrics

  1. Open the gradebook for a class (Please see How to setup a gradebook).
  2. Go to the coursework to be graded.
  3. Click on the rubric icon (rubric.gif) for each student.
  4. Click on an appropriate rubric level (i.e. cell) for each criterion or row.
  5. Click on save score. The score is automatically calculated and entered into the gradebook. You can change the score manually if necessary.
  6. Click on save to save all posted grades.

Note: Unscored rubric criteria are given zero (0) points.

Note: You must first publish the grades for your students to access their graded rubric.

[+] See also

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