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Invalid email warning appears on your account for any of the following reasons:

  • Your email address was misspelled.
  • Your email is unreachable.
  • Your mail server is down or busy.
  • Your mail server blocks emails from our system.
  • Your email account has been disabled or discontinued. (e.g. a long period of inactivity at Hotmail or Yahoo mail)
  • Your mailbox exceeded its storage limit.

NOTE: Please contact your email administrator for trouble-shooting.


[+] Problems with invalid emails

  • If you forget your login name or password, you cannot retrieve them via email.
  • You will not receive a copy of incoming messages.
  • You will not receive daily informer.
  • Others who try to contact you through our system cannot reach you.

NOTE: We do not disclose your email address to anyone.

[+] What happens when the system detects an invalid email

  • Your email alerts are automatically turned off.
  • Messages sent to you will remain in your inbox under messages menu. This requires logging in.

[+] To fix the problem

[+] See also

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