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[+] FAQ

[+] What is my storage limit?

Free accounts have a storage limit of 50MB. The storage limit for licensed users is set according to their plans.

[+] Can I add more storage to my free account?

Yes, and at a low cost. Please see premium subscriptions to sign up for additional storage.

[+] Can I clean up unwanted files?

Yes, go to my documents and remove the files that are no longer needed.

Hint: Photos are the biggest culprit in taking up storage. If an image is over 500KB, there is a good chance that you can re-size and re-upload them without losing image quality.

[+] What counts against my storage limit?

The following items are counted against your storage limit:

  • Any uploaded documents, images, videos or other files.
  • Faculty/Educator accounts only: Your student submissions go to the primary teacher of the class and count against that teacher's storage.

The following items are NOT counted against your storage limit:

  • Anything that is NOT uploaded as a file.
  • Data about your courses, groups, etc.
  • Messages and QuickPost! content.
  • Faculty/Educator accounts only: Your student ePortfolio content is NOT counted against your storage, even when the ePortfolio is submitted as an assignment to your gradebook.

[+] Will I save storage if I inactivate my courses and ePortfolios?

No. All documents are still in "my documents" and are available to you.

[+] What happens when I go over the limit?

You can still access your existing files. You just won't be able to upload any new files.

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