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An Access Code is used to allow other members to join a classroom, personal website, ePortfolio, group or online community. Leave the Access Code blank to open membership to everyone.

NOTE: It is very important that you do not share the Access Code with people you don't know in order to prevent spammers, etc. Please treat it like your password.


How do I setup an Access Code?

  1. Go to the classroom, personal website, ePortfolio, or community.
  2. From the side menu, click Properties listed under Settings.
  3. Under Access permissions, enter the Access Code in the space provided then press [Save].

How should I distribute the Access Code to others?

Either use the built-in invite tool or just email the Access Code.

Note: Some entities (e.g. Classes, study groups and private groups) also require distribution of a system generated ID.

Do members have to enter Access Code every time they access my site?

No, members use the Access Code only once to join a group or website. After that, they'll have direct access.

I want everyone to view my site. How can I do that?

By default, regular pages of a website are viewable by all visitors. Access Codes are only used to control membership of your site or group.

Note: Classrooms, Private groups and Study groups are fully protected by default. That means, one needs to join the site to access any information.

What do Access Codes Protect?

They protect who can join your class, website, ePortfolio or group. Also, certain content and message boards that are only available to members of your class, group or website is protected.

I think my Access Code has been compromised. Can I change it without affecting the current members?

Yes, you can change the Access Code at any time. Current members of your website or group will not be affected. Future members will need to know the new Access Code.

How I can find the Access Code for the area I want to join?

Please obtain the Access Code from the person who created it. We do not disclose the Access Codes to anyone.

I have created an access code for my ePortfolio/website, but other people can still access my ePortfolio/website without being asked for the code?

RCampus ePortfolios and personal websites are public by default. However, you can create pages in your ePortfolio/website and designate them as Members-only pages. The Access Code you created will be needed to access these pages.

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