Faculty group FAQ

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Who can create a faculty group

Anyone faculty member can create a group and invite others to join.

How can I find a group to join

Membership to faculty groups are by invitation only by the group moderator or members. To protect our users from spammers, we do not publish a directory of groups.

How many faculty groups can I create

There are no limits. However, each faculty group is a separate account with its own login privileges. You may create as many private groups under your personal account and moderate them using the same login.

What is the difference between a faculty group and a private group

Faculty groups are independent from any personal accounts where private groups are a part of a personal account. That affects how these groups are moderated. The moderation of faculty groups can be passed on from one member to another. Since private groups are created under personal accounts, they can only be moderated by one person - the original owner.

Faculty groups also offer more features as well as flexibility in managing the website and its forums.

Can non-faculty members (e.g. students) join a faculty group

Yes, any member can join as long as they are invited.

Who is the moderator

The group moderator is the person or persons in charge of managing content of the website as well as managing members and officers.

Who is an officer

An officer is a group member that has been designated by the moderator to have special privileges. Special privileges include access to officer's forum and officer-only pages. They are also listed on the officers list which may include a description of their roles posted by the moderator.