Matrix Reflections

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For Designers/Evaluators - How to Allow Reflection Submissions to a Matrix Assessment:

  1. Design the layout of the matrix, select save
  2. Select edit cell to edit individual cells of the matrix
  3. Under Allow evaluatees to perform the following tasks in this matrix cell: check the box next to add reflections
  4. To require evaluatees to submit a reflection, set the minimum number of submissions to 1
  5. Select save

For Evaluatees - How to Complete a Reflection in a Matrix:

  1. Select ePortfolios from the top menu, then matrices
  2. Select assigned matrices from the side menu
  3. Open a matrix assessment by selecting submit your items
  4. Choose a matrix cell to open, select open cell
  5. Under Submissions select Select Attachments next to Reflections

NOTE: For an evaluatee to submit a reflection, the matrix cell must accept reflection submissions. This is determined by the matrix designer.

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