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RCampus Personal Edition is designed for individual teachers and students who would otherwise have no access to learning technologies. The bulk of Personal Edition is free and available internationally. See RCampus Express and RCampus Enterprise for an institution-wide use.

Is the Personal Edition free?

The Personal Edition is free for the most part with upgrade options available for Tests and Quizzes, Enhanced Gradebook with Rubric grading, and Enhanced Classrooms. See Pricing list for upgrade options.

What is free in the Personal Edition?

Most features are free including building classrooms, inviting students, class home page, coursework and assignment publishing, messaging, grading.

Can I build classes for free in the Personal Edition?

Yes, you can. Free classroom come with all the basics that you need to conduct your classes. See Pricing list for upgrade options.

Can I post assignments and grades on RCampus Personal Edition? Would it cost me anything?

Yes, you can, it won’t cost anything.

Do my students create their own login names?

Yes, they do. They control their accounts.

Do my students have to pay to join my classrooms?

No, they don’t.

Can I control my students accounts and reset their passwords?

No, you can only control their access to your classrooms. They have full control over their own accounts and can reset their passwords themselves. There is no admin control of other users in the Personal Edition.

Can I use the Personal Edition institution-wide?

No, you can’t. The Personal Edition does not have the admin tools that our Express or Enterprise Editions include. For example, you cannot create and manage student accounts in the Personal Edition, or upload/import course and students to the system. Students create their own accounts and control it.

I’ve been using RCampus Personal Edition and love it. How can I convert it to Express or Enterprise so all my school can use it.

We are happy to hear that you love RCampus. Personal Edition cannot be converted to Express or Enterprise as users in the Personal Edition own and control their own accounts. For Express Edition, you can start a school account here. For the Enterprise Edition, contact us for licensing information.