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A public document is a document available to all visitors of a website or ePortfolio.

You may add a document as a hyperlink to any free-format web page.

To upload a public document to your website

Step 1: Click on the edit page button to enter the editing mode
Step 4: Online editor menus are located above the content area
Steps 5 through 8 are performed within the pop up box
  1. Open a web page for editing by clicking on the edit page (edit_page.gif) button located next to the web page. (See online editor for more info).
  2. Enter text for the title of the hyperlink (e.g. type "this is my document").
  3. Select or highlight the text that you just entered.
  4. Click on from the online editor menu. A pop up dialog box will appear.
  5. Select the Upload tab.
  6. Click on Browse server then Browse... and find the document on your PC.
  7. Click on Send it to the server and wait for the document to be uploaded.
  8. Click on OK.
  9. You're back to the online editor. Click on Save to save your changes.

The document should be available to your visitors.

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