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About RCampus Express Edition

RCampus Express offers self-service solutions that enable owners, educators, and administrators to easily build an online presence and efficiently manage learning, assessments, and outcomes. This edition is ideal for small educational institutes and organizations that need a platform with administrative tools, with the flexibility to grow as needs and usage changes.

To learn more, visit RCampus Express Edition


  • We use a payment processing service for subscription payments for RCampus Express. We do not keep credit card information.
  • All subscriptions renew automatically. Please make sure that the billing information is current.
  • Phone support is not available to RCampus Express users.

Features and Benefits

RCampus Express includes the following:

  • Branding for schools and departments
  • Monthly or Annual Billing
  • Administration tools such as user management
  • Customized storage & usage
  • Self-Service
  • Online Payment Process
  • Advanced reports
  • and more
  • Class.gif RCampus LMS
    • All features of LMS Personal Edition
    • Online Testing
    • Online Testbank Management
    • Gradebook Plus
    • Rubric grading with Feedback Plus
    • Student Self-Assessment
    • Grade Statistics
    • and more
  • Portfolio.gif RCampus ePortfolio:
    • All features of ePortfolio Personal Edition
    • Competency & Outcomes Matrix
    • Matrix Builder and Gallery
    • Collection and Structuring of artifacts and assessments
    • Advanced Communication
    • Multi-level Assessments
    • Analytic and Reporting tools
    • and more
  • Rubric.gif Groupric
    • Collaborative Assessment with Multiple Evaluators
    • iRubric Studio with Advanced Building & Design Options
    • Access to Advanced Rubric Gallery
    • Personal Rubric Repository
    • Progress Dashboard
    • Analytic and Reporting tools
    • and more

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