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Sliding Tiles provide an easy-to-use method for organizing the layout of any page that you create on RCampus. They are available when developing content for your personal websites, ePortfolios, class home pages, etc.

Simply enter the desired content into the tiles and then slide them around on the page until they are arranged in a manner that suits your needs. Content that can be added into a tile include text, images and links.

The sliding tiles feature was designed to help users customize their pages with ease. To ensure simplicity, the editing options are more limited than those available with the Free Format development option, however use of sliding tiles provides more control over the layout of your page.

For information about how to select this formatting option, see Invoke Online Editor.

NOTE: Additional layouts and the ability to add more or remove sliding tiles are only available with a Premium upgrade.

How to activate Sliding Tiles

  1. Click on the orange edit page button (edit_page.gif) located to the left of the content window.
  2. Select activate tiles by checking the small box to the left. When you see a check in the box, you have selected the Sliding Tiles format.
  3. Tiles will appear at the bottom of the page.

Note: These changes are saved automatically.

How to edit a tile

  1. To edit or add content to a tile, click the small pencil icon located in upper right corner of the tile.
  2. Enter and/or edit text, images, links, etc. in a popup window.
  3. Save your changes by pressing [save], at the bottom of the tile.

Note: These changes are saved automatically.

How to rearrange tiles

  1. To rearrange tiles, simply slide them by clicking on the title bar and dragging it to the desired location.
  2. A box with dotted borders will appear when you drag the tile to an area that it can be moved to.

Note: These changes are saved automatically and your visitors can view them instantly.

How to edit tile content, insert images, upload files, and more

Please see Editor Tutorial for more information.

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