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Canvas assignments that use "External Tools" to connect to other systems such as iRubric, lose the ability to accept student submissions. Instead, iRubric can accept student submissions, which also helps with keeping submissions available for a longer period that may be needed for accreditation visits or future analysis. Programs can also engage in secondary and Juried assessments using iRubric Rapid, or ePortfolio submissions using RCampus Matrix & ePortfolios.

How to enable student submissions in iRubric

Following are the steps to enable submissions in iRubric for a given assignment.

  • If it’s the first time accessing iRubric from an assignment, after selecting a rubric, tick the check box to "Allow students to submit online" and set any due dates for submissions if needed.
  • To enable submissions at a later time, access iRubric from the Canvas Assignment, then click on "iRubric settings" on top of screen and follow the steps as mentioned above.

Benefits of submissions in iRubric:

Some added benefits of keeping student work in RCampus/iRubric are:

  • Student work is kept for future auditing (accreditation) and analysis, even if the courses are archived
  • Student artifacts can be linked to other modules for further assessments, showcasing, or categorization:
    • iRubric Rapid: Allows a secondary, multi-rater evaluation of student artifacts for internal research or accreditation reporting
    • RCampus Matrix: Allows secondary, multi-rate assessments, as well as, competency management, student portfolios, and reporting purposes

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