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A team is a group of students in a classroom that can share messages, documents and calendar items.


We provide an easy team builder tool for classes. Faculty can build an unlimited number of teams and include students in as many teams as needed. Each team comes with its own:

Note: A team cannot access other teams' message board, calendar and documents. Faculty has access to all teams.

From the teams page, faculty can send messages, grade assignments and manage student profile using the shortcut (popupmenuicon.gif) icon.

Building teams

  1. From top menu select classroom, classes, teams.
  2. Select a class from the drop down menu.
  3. Build teams (see below).

Working with Team Builder

Create a team

  1. Enter the team name in one of the empty input boxes.
  2. Repeat this for all teams. If you run out of empty boxes, press save and more empty boxes will appear.
  3. Press save when done.

Assign students to teams

  1. Check the box next to each student under the team to be assigned.
  2. Press save.

Once you have assigned students to teams, they will have access to their own team areas accordingly. It is not necessary to notify each student which they are assigned to because the student will have access only to their assigned team.

Note: A student can be assigned to multiple teams.

Rename a team

  1. Delete the team name and enter a different team name in the input box.
  2. Press save.

Delete a team

  1. Enter the word DELETE in the team name box.
  2. Press save.

What happens after teams are created

  • Students will see a list of teams that they belong to under the Class Discussions, Documents, and Calendar side menus. That will allow them to post messages to each other (you will also get a copy of their postings), share documents, and share a calendar for their project timelines.
  • The faculty will see a list of all teams as well as have access to all teams.

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