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- Your name:

Donna Baumbach

- Position:

Professor Emerita

- School name(s):

University of Central Florida

- What subjects to do teach?

Instructional Technology/Educational Media

- What grade levels do you teach? For Higher ed, please use Undergrad, Grad, etc.

Grad and undergrad

- How do you use RCampus in your courses?

I was looking for a good rubric generator and found iRubric. It was so SLICK and easy to use! I never expected interactive! I used it for the final project and embedded the rubric in a wiki for students to see exactly how their work would be evaluated. When it came time to grade (60 projects!) it helped me to stay focused and objective. I was able to leave good comments specific to each criteria and each project. Students liked the immediate feedback and I think appreciated the comments.

- How does RCampus help you?

It saved me HOURS of time in generating a rubric, and even MORE time in grading projects. It also helped me to be more objective.

- How does it help your students?

The rubric gave them specific guidelines for their project and how it would be graded. They could also access their scores and comments online.

- Have you used other websites/systems that provide similar tools? How do you compare us with them?

Yes...but none that were as easy to use or interactive. This is the best by far!

Other Case Studies

  • Testimonial: iRubric -Dr. Julie Saam, Assistant Dean, School of Education, Indiana University Kokomo

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