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Most educators know of iRubric as the go-to place to find rubrics in any subject or education level, or to build their quality rubrics from over 750,000 samples. But did you know that's only the tip of the iceberg as what iRubric has to offer.

iRubric Enterprise Edition provides a comprehensive system for managing assessments, standards and accreditation data in an easy-to-use package. By using this edition, educators and administrators can efficiently monitor and report student progress in real time.

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Benefits of iRubric to schools

Various Analysis Options

With iRubric Enterprise Edition, school administrators can accurately and efficiently analyze student learning outcomes in a number of ways. Whether administrators need to analyze student learning progress on an individual item or analyze by class, grade-level, program, or historical trends, iRubric Enterprise Edition has the tools to get the work done.

Easy Rubric Building and Management

iRubric Enterprise Edition allows teachers to quickly find rubrics built by other teachers from the same school or other participating schools. It automatically identifies rubrics with the school name for ease of searching and adoption of rubrics.

School administrators can easily view and manage rubrics created by teachers from their schools for reporting purposes and for staying current with the state standards.

Quick and Secure Grading

iRubric Enterprise Edition allows teachers to score students using rubrics directly from the gradebook. Scores are calculated automatically and entered into the gradebook, significantly reducing the grading time.

Students will receive the graded rubric in their gradebook. Graded rubrics will allow students to see their scores for various criteria along with teacher comments. They can also easily identify their areas of weakness and strength.

Foster Collaboration

With iRubric, school administrators, teachers and instructional designers can share ideas and provide feedback right from the rubric. Each rubric comes with its own discussion board. One can also build a rubric from existing rubrics with minimal effort.

iRubric Enterprise Edition can also be used for group assessment. School administrators and teachers can build assessments and invite evaluators to collaboratively assess any item. Scores are calculated and reported in real-time.

More Benefits to Teachers

There are a number of benefits to teachers. Please see iRubric Benefits for more information.

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quote_left.gif iRubric is the easiest rubric wizard tool I have ever used. The wizard is intuitive and the staff is very open to feedback. The tool adapts easily to some of the large and complex rubrics I have used with it. The data reporting is amazing. It would take me so long to do the kind of aggregate reporting that iRubric provides to me instantly. quote_right.gif

- Ross Durrer, School of Education, Indiana University

quote_left.gif iRubric made my life so much easier because of the way it compiled and aggregated the information for me. It broke every portion of the rubric data down for me so that I could compare which scores improved or decreased between the pre-assessment and post-assessment scores. What a wonderful feature! I shared with some other graduate students as part of my grad requirements and I told them to give RCampus a try! quote_right.gif

- Deborah Breda, Masters of Education, Salisbury University

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