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Online editor menus will appear upon pressing the edit button

The online editor allows you to create content as if using a word processor. The capabilities of the online editor vary according to which format you use to create your web page.

You can build and edit content from anywhere without having the knowledge of website editors like Dreamweaver or FTP.

Note: Currently, the Online Editor is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Free Format

The Free Format option allows for relatively unstructured site development with numerous editing options. You can add links, images, set font size and color, upload files, use templates and more.

Sliding Tiles

The other formatting option involves the use of structured Sliding Tiles. The editing options for this format are more limited, however the tiles provide an easy-to-use method for organizing the layout of your page.

Invoke Online Editor

To edit a web page, please click on the edit page button (edit_page.gif) to enter the editing mode. The button is located to the left of the content area.

When you click on this button, you will see two format options appear: Free Format and Sliding Tiles. At this point, both options are enabled. You can see that both options are activated because the box next to each option is checked. To use only one of the formatting options, simply un-check the box next to the option you do not wish to use by clicking on it. These changes will be saved automatically, however you can always click the edit page button again and un-check/re-check the format options if you change your mind.

Note: If you have already created and saved content in the free format or sliding tiles option and then you un-check the box, that content will disappear. However, your content has NOT been deleted -- simply recheck the appropriate box and your content will reappear.

For a step by step instruction, see Editor Tutorial.

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