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To buy a textbook

  1. Go to find book and search for the book. Include your zip code to sort books by distance from you.
  2. From the search result, locate the book. If not found, no one has posted that book for sale. If found, click on the book.
  3. Find the appropriate price and click on it, then click on "contact seller" to securely send a message to the seller .

If you have seen the book in a flyer

  1. Go to find book and enter the flyer code in the box.
  2. Follow the instructions above to contact the seller.

Notes: Wait for the seller's response. You will receive the response in your inbox under the messages. You will also receive a notification in your email.

Please make sure your email is correct (verify your email under menu: my account / my profile). Also, please make sure your email does not filter out messages from as spam.

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