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Multi-page eCommunity Website Sample provides student clubs and organizations with a free website that has a number of tools to manage information, communication, members, and officers. club websites builder is perfect for:

  • Clubs with out-dated or no website
  • Clubs that need additional tools such as a "discussion board", "community blog", "member-only pages", or "officer list" on their websites
  • Clubs with limited technical skills
  • Clubs who are looking for an easy-to-maintain website
  • Clubs that use generic groups and community websites with inappropriate ads
  • Clubs that spend more than 5 minutes to post an announcement or event on their website
  • Clubs that spend more than a minute to send a message to all members
  • Clubs that have lost track of their active membership
  • Clubs with too few members to justify a website

Core Features

Additional features for clubs

How to build a club

  1. Click on the create login (signup.gif) menu at, select Club / Student organization and press [continue...]. (Take me there.)
  2. Follow the screens to create a profile. The login name created will be the address of the club. For example, if login name is myclub, the club website address will be
  3. Go to the my account menu on top of the page.
  4. Select the my site (website.gif) side menu.
  5. Click on Activate my site.

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