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Sample tagboard

Our QuickPost tagboard is an online board for short postings. QuickPost tagboards are available for all personal and group websites and ePortfolios.

QuickPost features

  • Show a personal icon and/or avatar with posts.
  • Attach an image to posts.
  • Flexible settings:
    • Personal setting allows for only you to post and nobody else.
    • Users-only setting allows only members of a website to post by logging in first.
    • Public setting allows everyone to post without logging in.
  • Personalize QuickPost titles and buttons.
  • Description area.
  • Customize QuickPost size by height and width.
  • Scrollable list of posts.
  • and more.

Managing QuickPost

  • For personal websites, ePortfolios and club websites: Please follow these steps then see below.
  1. Click on manage site (settings.gif) button from the admin menu located at the top of the page.
  2. Select Setup QuickPost menu under the Design (design.gif) box.

  • For class websites and study groups: Please follow these steps then see below.
  1. Go to the home page.
  2. Select Quickpost Settings from the side menu.

Select who can post

  1. See "Managing QuickPost" above.
  2. Select one of these options: Only Me, Users or Public.
  3. Press save.

Edit QuickPost title, post button or description

  1. See "Managing QuickPost" above.
  2. Enter a title name, post button name and the description of your QuickPost.
  3. Press save.

Customize QuickPost size

  1. See "Managing QuickPost" above.
  2. Set height and width. Default size is set to 400 x 120.
  3. Select message order by clicking either Oldest first or Newest first.
  4. Check yes or no next to Scrollable message list.
  5. Check yes or no next to Allow image upload.
  6. Select a number of posts to display.
  7. Press save.

Disable a QuickPost

  1. Click on the “QuickPost settings” at the bottom of the QuickPost.
  2. Click on Disable this QuickPost.
  3. Press save.

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