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The Tutor Connection is our powerful search engine that lets tutors post their profile and availability and allows students to find tutors in their local area. Students can easily search tutors by subject, keywords, zip code, fee and other criteria. Students can then contact a tutor securely and privately using RCampus message board.

Find and contact a tutor

  1. Click on the tutors link on top of the page and go to find tutor.
  2. Select one or more categories, set some criteria and press [go].
  3. Click on the search results to view tutor's profile.
  4. From the tutor's profile page, click on contact me to send a secure and private message to the tutor.

Post a tutoring ad

  1. Click on the tutors link on top of the page and go to become a tutor. (the menu will change to my tutoring profile after you become a tutor) (Take me there.)
  2. Enter your profile under About me and press [save].
  3. Enter one or more subjects under Subjects and press [save] after each subject.

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