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Rubric Studio is our rubric building and assessment tools available at iRubric.

Build custom rubrics, share rubrics with other members through Rubric Gallery, use the built-in course management and assessment tools to apply them to student coursework, or use our collaborative assessment tools to assess an object collaboratively.

To start building rubrics, visit iRubric website.


[+] Benefits of iRubric

  • Build simple to complex rubrics online
  • Build rubrics from scratch or copy from others
  • Expandable criteria sections
  • Create multiple rubric sections
  • Flexible points/percent weighting
  • Score students using rubrics directly from a class gradebook
  • Automatic score calculation using our Click2Grade technology
  • Perform group assessment using rubrics
  • Perform formative assessment using rubrics
  • Enter feedback for each rubric criteria
  • Reuse rubrics made by you or by others
  • Share your rubrics with others at RubricGallery
  • Learn how others use rubrics
  • Organize rubrics by subject, coursework type, and grade level
  • View a list of your own rubrics and bookmarked rubrics
  • Customize and print rubrics
  • Analyze rubric aggregate scores
  • View breakdown of individual rubric scores
  • Peer review the rubric using the built-in discussion board
  • Email rubrics to others
  • Showcase rubrics on your free website
  • Embed rubrics in another webpage
  • Link rubrics from another webpage
  • Allow students to self-assess
  • and more.

[+] How to edit a rubric

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