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This page describes which browser are compatible with our website and the online editor's WYSIWYG functionality.

Browser Version Operating System Website Compatibility Online Editing Comments
Internet Explorer 5.5 and above Windows (98 and above) Partial Plain Text Not Recommended: Instead, try Chrome or FireFox
Internet Explorer Any Mac OS Partial Plain Text Not Recommended. Instead, try Chrome or FireFox on the Mac
FireFox Below 1.0 Windows and Mac Full Don't Use Please upgrade to 1.0 or above
FireFox 1.0 and above Windows and Mac Full Full Recommended
Netscape 6.x and 7.0 Windows and Mac Full Plain Text Use higher versions
Netscape 7.1 and above Windows and Mac Full Full Recommended
Mozilla 1.3 and above Windows and Mac Full Full Recommended
Safari Any Mac Full Plain Text Not Recommended. Use FireFox instead.

Plain Text

Plain Text means the online editor supports plain text editing only. Text formatting, hyperlinks, file and image uploads, and templates are not supported. HTML code can be entered.

Other Browsers

The website should work on most modern browsers. Chrome and Firefox are highly recommended. The online editor may not have the WYSIWYG features on browsers not listed above.

Other Operating Systems

We are told by our Linux users of different Linux flavors that FireFox works fine. If you have tested the website and/or the online editor on any Linux flavors, please let us know.

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