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Use course properties page to create or modify a course

The course properties page allows faculty to easily create or modify a course. Once a course is created, it will be added to faculty's course list.

Opening Course Properties

  1. From top menu, select classroom, classes.
  2. Go to class list.
  3. Click on the course title of your choice.

Entering Data

  • School: Click on the school drop down menu to find your school. If your school is not listed, click on Add school, enter your school name, and press OK.
  • Course Number: Enter the course number or abbreviation (e.g. Eng 101, Math 200, etc.)
  • Course Title: Enter the course title (e.g. Freshman Composition, Intro to Calculus, etc.)
  • Units/Credits: Enter the number of units or credits for this course.
  • Short description: Enter up to 150 characters.
  • Detailed description: Enter up to 2000 characters.

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