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In our system, all assignments, quizzes, and class activities are collectively called coursework .

A coursework can be assigned a due date, points, a rubric, and can be time-released. The time release feature allows faculty to set the date and time when the coursework title is released to students and/or date and time when the entire coursework content is released to students.

Coursework Properties Page

The coursework properties page allows you to create, edit, or inactivate coursework. You can also attach documents and a rubric, set grading criteria, assign it to classes, and set student access time frames. See full information at coursework properties.

Features of Coursework

  • Attach supporting documents and websites
  • Attach a rubric for assessment
  • Set whether coursework will be graded (coursework such as class notes are usually not graded)
  • Assign due date and due time
  • Assign number of points
  • Assign release time: faculty can decide when student can see just the title or the entire content of the coursework
  • Set online submission options:
    • Students can submit online. Both faculty and students will see the date and time of the submission.
    • Students can resubmit multiple times. With this option, faculty receives only the most recent submission.
    • Students can submit after due date. If this option is not selected, it blocks students from submitting on a preset date and time.
  • Assign the same coursework to multiple classes, each with different titles, due dates and scores
  • Reuse a coursework for new classes
  • Discuss a coursework with students using the attached discussion board
  • Grade student submissions using a rubric

mail.gif Receiving Email Notifications of Due Dates

Faculty and students can set their email alert preferences to receive daily or weekly alerts of upcoming due dates. Please see email notifications for more information.

Coursework Types

Coursework is categorized into the following types. These types are for categorization purposes only and have no internal meaning to the system. For example, a term paper can be categorized as an assignment or writing. It is up to the instructor to interpret them based on their classroom usage.

 Assignment  /  Attendance  /  Class Notes  /  ePortfolios  
 Exam  /  Hand out  /  Homework  /  Presentation  
 Projects  /  Quiz  /  Reading  /  Writing

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