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Our gradebook saves you time when grading.

It is a control center with access to various areas of your classroom without leaving the gradebook.

How to setup a Gradebook

  1. Create a class
  2. Create coursework
  3. Build class roster. Note: It's best to ask students to join the class. That way students can securely access their grades online.
  4. Enter grades:
    1. From top menu, select "Classroom", "Grades", then select a class from the drop-down list.
    2. To enter grades for a coursework, click on the coursework title in gradebook or select coursework from the drop-down list.

Note: Grading can be done quickly and consistently by attaching a rubric to coursework. Scores are automatically calculated and entered into your gradebook.

To use rubrics for grading, please see Coursework assessment with rubrics.

What can be done with Gradebook?


  • Score student grades using rubrics (rubric.gif).
  • Access entire class grades (gradebook.gif).
  • Access class grades for a specific coursework (gradeitem.gif).
  • Access individual student's gradebook.
  • Access individual student's grade for a specific coursework.
  • Access gradebook of other classes.
  • Enter numeric or letter grades.
  • Set date and time (gradedate_show.gif) for when the grades are available for students' viewing.
  • Download grades in Comma Separated Values that Excel, and other databases and spreadsheets can utilize.
  • Access grade statistics and interactive graphs.
  • Access aggregation of rubric scores.


  • Leave short notes to yourself and to students. Students will see your notes to them with their grade. They will not see your notes to yourself.
  • Send private detailed messages (mail.gif) to a student regarding the grade. The grade related messages are accessible from the student's gradebook and the message board. The grade related messages will not appear in the class message board. Grade related messages will have a title starting with "Grade for:" for easy identification.
  • Send messages to a combination of recipients for other communication purposes.


Grade Analysis

  • Automatically tabulate students' grades.
  • Analyze students' grades using grade statistics and interactive charts (piechart18.jpg).
  • Analyze class performance using rubric statistics (if rubrics are used for grading).


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