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Email notifications or alerts are sent to you in two ways: daily informer and message alerts.

To ensure that you receive important messages, please make sure that your email address is correct and your ISP does not block the email notifications.

How to Set Your Email Notifications

  1. Go to the my account menu on top of the page. (Take me there.)
  2. Select Email Alerts (alarmclock.gif) from the side menu. (Take me there.)
  3. Check the box next to a desired option and press [save].

NOTE: Messages that are addressed to you (and not to a group) are always notified via email.

Email Notification Options

This section explains the possible settings under email notifications.

Coursework Alerts

To receive an email notification about upcoming coursework, select one of the available options.

Daily Alerts

Choose this option to receive daily email alerts starting three (3) days prior to a due date. For example, if the due date for a coursework is April 20, you will start receiving a notification around April 17 or 18 (depending on your time-zone). These emails are sent out once a day until the coursework is past due. If there are no due dates within the next three days, the notification is not emailed to you.

Weekly Alerts

Choose this option to receive weekly email alerts starting two (2) weeks prior to a due date. These emails are send out once a week on weekends and cover the next two weeks of coursework due dates. If there are no due dates within the next 14 days, the notification is not emailed to you.

Note: Daily and weekly notifications are sent out only if your class utilizes our platform.

Message Alerts

Message alerts send you an email copy of messages posted to your message center. Alert options include:

  • When you receive a new message.
  • When you receive a high priority message.

Note: All personal messages are sent to you via email regardless of the message alert settings. A personal message is one that is sent directly to you and not to a group, class or community.

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