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We use email to securely communicate with our members. As such, we rely on our members to provide us with a working email address.

If a member with an invalid email loses his password, we have no way of sending out the password via email, and the member will lose access to our services.

We do not correspond with unknown emails to protect our members from impersonators.

We also cannot disclose any personal information if a member contacts us from a different email address than the email on our records.

To protect our members, it is extremely important to have a valid email for such cases.

NOTE: We do not disclose your email address to anyone.

What to do

Login to your account and click on the link within the verification message. A notice will be sent to your email address with an one step instruction for verifying your email.

NOTE: If you are copying and pasting the verification link, make sure the entire link is copied. It'll ask you to log in again to complete the verification process. Also, simply replying to our email will not complete the verification process.

NOTE: Please make sure your email server does not block our messages from and

If you are not receiving our emails, it could be that your email address was misspelled or our email to you was blocked by your spam filter.

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