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This page describes the many benefits of RCampus Faculty ePortfolios to institutions and educators.

Benefits to Institutions:

  • Institutions can easily brand the system for a consistent look and feel with institution’s theme and logo
  • Go green, reduce or eliminate massive amounts of paperwork
  • Easy adoption with flexible Licensing (resides on your servers) and Hosting (we’ll provide and manage servers and all IT needs in our secure data center) options
  • Minimal training required: most faculty will need virtually no training to use our easy-to-use, intuitive environment
  • Built-in assessment tools: for allowing review and evaluation of ones work using our award-winning iRubric system
  • Goals and Objectives: use the system to simply publish goals and objectives and/or align departmental and institutional goals and objectives to evaluations
  • Collaborative platform: Enable faculty to create research groups, committees and other collaboration units for easy communication and document exchange
  • Provide faculty with ePortfolio websites that are:
    • Convenient: Access and publish from anywhere
    • Multi-purpose: Use for showcasing work, as personal website, and as a portal to classrooms
    • Full websites: Each ePortfolio acts as a full website with additional tools designed specifically to meet faculty needs
    • Secure: Keep confidential materials in a document center and release them to others based on easy-to-use, protected folio pages

Benefits to Faculty:

  • Presentation of materials, papers, research
  • Publish and Display
    • Academic background and achievements
    • Resume
    • Employment history
    • Classroom evaluations
    • Goals, vision, and philosophy
    • Personal information, interests, activities
    • Professional development
    • Office hours
    • Publications, awards
  • Tenure review materials, documentations and assessments
  • Management/listing of courses and coursework
  • Collaborate with and maintain connection and dialog with peers and students
  • Manage assessments
  • Demonstrate Evidence of Teaching: Link to student ePortfolios to showcase evidence of your teaching and their learning

Faculty ePortfolio Features:

  • Fully functional ePortfolio websites
    • Control site-wide header, footer, top menu and side tabs for consistent look
    • Site skin allows variety of look and feel options (can be designed by your institution)
  • Advanced page authoring tools with online editor and Sliding Tiles for easy content development and organization
    • In addition to public pages, faculty can add pages with restricted access to invited members and special members
  • Document center to manage documents, content and links in folders and share as needed
  • ePortfolio evaluations:
    • Use FolioMatrix to visually organize artifacts
    • Use iRubric for collaborative evaluation of artifacts with a few simple clicks
    • Quick access to organized artifacts
  • Data management:
    • Manage and showcase courses and class sections
    • Manage and showcase rubrics
    • Manage and showcase documents, videos, etc.
    • Manage membership of ePortfolio through two levels of access for regular and special members (special members have more privileges than regular members, e.g. colleagues can be regular members and reviewing committees can be special members)
  • Discussion boards:
    • Threaded messaging for easy tracking
    • Two discussion board levels for regular and special members
    • Unified Messaging System allows the single point of access to all messaging functions
  • Allows Mashup with external widgets

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