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Faculty can easily assign, collect, and grade students' Presentation ePortfolios.

ePortfolio How to

How to assign an ePortfolio assignment

  1. Create a class (See How to create a class) or go to an existing class by selecting classroom menu, classes and click on a class title.
  2. Create a coursework for this ePortfolio.
  3. Set the coursework type to ePortfolio from the drop down menu.
  4. Allow online submission under the Online submission settings box.
  5. Optional: Select yes under the Rubric settings (rubric.gif) box and assign a rubric.
  6. Assign the coursework to a class.
  7. Press save.

How to collect student ePortfolios

Tell students to submit their ePortfolios online. As students submit their ePortfolios, they will be nicely organized in your online gradebook to be graded.

Refer your students to Submit my ePortfolio as assignment for instructions on how to submit their ePortfolios.

How to grade student ePortfolios

  1. Create an ePortfolio coursework. (See How to assign an ePortfolio assignment above.)
  2. Instruct students to create and submit their ePortfolios. (See ePortfolios (students) for creating and submitting an ePortoflio.) As students submit their ePortfolio, it will appear in faculty's gradebook ready to be graded. Students will also see their submission info in their gradebook.
  3. Select classroom menu and grades to grade student ePortfolios. (If a rubric was used for grading, faculty can grade student work quickly and consistently. See Grade student coursework with rubric.)

Note: Students can securely access their grades or the graded rubrics online.

How to access student ePortfolios

  1. From your gradebook, click on the student submission with the ePortfolio icon. This will open the student's ePortfolio in a new window.
  2. To access the private pages, you must first join your student's ePortfolio.
    1. Click on the join my webfolio side menu. (This side menu must be enabled by your students.)
    2. Log in using your username and password.
    3. Enter the Access Code and press [click to join].

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