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Faculty groups are free websites with built-in forum for faculty groups and committees. Faculty groups can be used across multiple campus. Membership to a group is by invitation-only, meaning the owner of the group needs to invite others.

Use our faculty groups for communication, online presence, document and content sharing, collaborative assessment and coordination of time and content.

Note: Faculty Groups are independent from personal accounts. To become a member of a faculty group that you have created, you must create a personal faculty account and join the group. To build groups under your personal account, please see private groups and study groups.

List of features

Our online faculty groups come with a number of features including two levels of forums for members and officers, a calendar, and a number of public, member-only, and officer-only pages.

How to create a faculty group

  1. Click on your name on top of the page.
  2. Select My Site (website.gif) from the side menu.
  3. Click on Activate my site.

Note: Available to Educator / Teacher account type only.

What to do next?

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