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Our secure and feature-rich message boards offer the following features:

  • Confidential messaging protects members' email from exposure to unwanted use and spam.
  • Flexible selection of recipients: class, one-to-one, teams, or any other combination.
  • Each message thread (a message and all replies to it) becomes an ad-hoc message board.
  • Save incoming messages in customized folders.
  • Set priority and expiration date on messages.
  • Attach documents.
  • Send anonymous messages.
  • Share / block message threads.
  • and more.

Group and individual messaging

Our flexible message boards allow users to send a message to individual(s), group(s), classroom(s) or any combination of recipients.

Message attachments

Users can attach documents to a message. When the recipients open the attached document, they are downloading the document from the document center. Therefore, it is always the most current version of the document rather than a duplicated copy at the time of attachment.

Hybrid Forum and Email functions

Depending on a user's preference, the message board inbox comes with an option for a forum style setting or an email style setting. Simply click on a forum style or email style button above the inbox to change the setting.

Unread message notification

Most recently received, but unread messages can be found under the at a glance submenu of the organizer menu. All unread messages are organized under the unread submenu.

High priority messages and notifications

Users can place a high priority notice on a message. When a recipient receives a high priority message, it'll be highlighted in red with a high priority (highpriority.gif) icon next to the message title.

Message deletion

Unlike ordinary message boards, users can delete a message from their inbox as they would using their email. This capability allows users to keep the inbox clean, which helps it load faster.

Email notifications

Users can choose to receive email notifications of messages. A copy of all messages posted on the message board is sent to them via email.

Automatic organization of messages into groups

All messages from all groups, classrooms, and individuals are accessible through the inbox. However, users can easily view a message for a certain group by selecting it from the left side menu of the inbox.

Message folders to organize messages

Messages can be organized into folders.

Message expiration

Users can set an expiration date to messages they send out. All expired messages are organized under the expired submenu.

Anonymous messages

In some cases, senders are allowed to send anonymous messages to a group. For example, students can send anonymous messages to the class to encourage class participation.

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