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Class messaging refers to sending messages to an entire class. Our message center offers powerful features designed from the ground up for classroom usage.

Using the Message Center in Classrooms

Class messaging

Teachers and students can send messages to the entire class. Class messages are only available to teachers and students of that class.

Team messaging

Teachers and members of a team can send messages to the entire team.

Teacher-Student messaging

Teachers can send messages directly to students from the gradebook, roster, or message center. Students can also send direct messages to their teachers through the message center. Teacher-student messages are confidential and cannot be accessed by others.

Messaging for coursework

Students and faculty of a class can engage in messaging specific to a coursework. To send a message for a coursework, open the coursework (faculty should open coursework in preview mode), and use the messaging section at the bottom of the coursework preview page. To read coursework messages, either open the coursework and view the bottom of the screen or go directly to your inbox.

Messaging for grades

An individual student and his/her teacher can engage in messaging specific to a grade. These messages remain confidential between the two parties.

Anonymous messages

Students can post anonymous messages, which hide their identity from all others, including their teachers. The anonymous messaging feature is not available to faculty accounts.

Message retraction

The sender of a message can retract it, in which case the message content will be blocked from viewing.

NOTE: Messages are instantly sent out to emails of recipients who have turned on their email notifications. In those cases, messages cannot be retracted from their emails (it is only retracted from the message center's inbox).

Sharing message threads (by teachers)

Teachers can share a message thread with multiple classrooms. This feature helps teachers share interesting discussions within one class (or team) with other classrooms (or teams).

Blocking message threads (by teachers)

Teachers can block a message thread.

NOTE: Message are instantly send out to emails of recipients who have turned on their email notifications. In those cases, blocked messages are received by them via email. Message blocking only blocks them from future access through the message center.

Central access to all messages from all classes as well as class-by-class access

All messages can be accessed in the inbox under messages menu. To view messages for a single class, select the class title from the inbox, or go to the class portal for that class and select discussions.

Full integration with gradebook, coursework, and all other modules

Our message center is fully integrated with all parts of our website, which allows for easy access to messaging features when needed. For example, a faculty member can post a message to individual students directly from the gradebook without having to leave the gradebook.

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