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There are many benefits for signing up with

  • No membership fee for teachers and students.
  • Conveniently access your account from anywhere 24/7 using any device with an internet connection.
  • Quickly access various tools using a single login.
  • Keep your account and all your content with it for as long as you need.
  • Nothing to download or install so you are not stuck with a particular computer and you don't have to worry about your computer's memory size.
  • Your information is protected, including your email address. We provide you with your own secure contact form to shield your contact information.
  • Expand your collaboration environment using online community builder.
  • Access to many easy-to-use tools which require no training.
  • Save time by copying or learning from member-contributed materials.

Additional Benefits

For Teachers

  • Create your classes and e-learning courses with many built-in tools.
  • Streamline your class preparation and teaching activities.
  • Manage classroom activities directly from your faculty personal website.
  • Unique website address to distinguish your faculty membership type.
  • Ability to manage all classes at multiple schools using a single login.
  • Your courses are automatically archived as you teach and have access to your old completed courses anytime.
  • Save time by recycling or copying your courses and coursework.
  • Access to materials contributed by other faculty members.

For Students

  • Network with your friends and classmates securely.
  • Keep up to date with assignment deadlines or important messages from your teacher.
  • Keep all your work upon graduation or changing school.

For Schools

  • Get the most out of your software investment with a high adoption rate by teachers and students.
  • Save money: no need to purchase upgrades, no need to hire open-source or other LMS specialists.
  • Save time: no extra man hours for your IT staff, no delay to use tools by your administrators, teachers and students.
  • Rapid implementation so your teachers and students can start using tools right away in class.
  • Access to the most up-to-date features the moment they become available. There is no need to spend money to upgrade to a new version. Your school will never get stuck with an old version.
  • No need to worry about possible glitches due to migrations between versions.
  • Centralized reporting with access to various class performance results using a single platform.
  • Get superior support from staff who understand your needs. We are our own end-users.
  • Single license options that cover multiple tightly integrated tools i.e. learning and course management, ePortfolios, rubric assessment, community builder for collaboration, etc.
  • Predictable and cost-effective license and hosting options that are budget-friendly.

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