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RCampus for all your needs
TechAmerica High-Tech Innovation Awards Finalist 2010
TechAmerica High-Tech Innovation Awards Winner 2009

RCampus is an Education Intelligence and Learning Management System developed by Reazon Systems, Inc. It provides access to a suite of innovative, web-based instant-access tools with community-based learning and collaboration environment.

RCampus includes iRubric assessments and standards system, LMS, ePortfolio management system, Matrix outcomes system, Competency management system, eCommunities and more.

Schools can use our Enterprise Edition with more modules and enhanced tools through various licensing and hosting options. Instructors and students covered under the Enterprise Edition also have access to more features not available in the Personal Edition.

Our Personal and self-service edition is available for free for individual instructors and students with subscription options for Premium upgrades.

Using our tightly integrated system, instructors and students can manage everything from a single location which is conducive to their teaching and learning experience. No multiple accounts, no multiple logins, no multiple passwords.

RCampus and iRubric websites



RCampus.com: Designed for teachers and students, offers personal website and eportfolio builders as well as class management, online gradebook, and more.



iRubric.com: iRubric with Click2Grade technology is a comprehensive web-based rubric building, assessment and outcome reporting, data analysis and accreditation system with an integrated collaborative assessment community.

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Read about us

Case Studies

  • Testimonial: iRubric -Dr. Julie Saam, Assistant Dean, School of Education, Indiana University Kokomo

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quote_left.gif iRubrics is a great platform which allows academic programs to align assessment rubrics with school and university wide Learning Goals and Aims. Tagging an entire rubric or even a specific item in a rubric matrix with an aligned Learning Goal (or Goals) makes this tool extremely powerful and flexible when it comes to reporting on a granular level or in aggregate (e.g. by school, degree program, by department over multiple programs, etc…) . Having the ability to copy a previous year’s assessment to a the next year also saves time and effort. quote_right.gif

- Salvatore A. Lenzo, MBA, PMP, Director, Information Systems, Sellinger School of Business, Loyola University Maryland

quote_left.gif Results from our program assessments indicated a need to provide detailed feedback to students using rubrics and in-depth reporting of key measures for analysis of overall teacher education programs effectiveness. iRubric proved to be an excellent solution for meeting these needs. quote_right.gif

- Larry Riss, CIO, School of Education, Indiana University

quote_left.gif iRubric is the easiest rubric wizard tool I have ever used. The wizard is intuitive and the staff is very open to feedback. The tool adapts easily to some of the large and complex rubrics I have used with it. The data reporting is amazing. It would take me so long to do the kind of aggregate reporting that iRubric provides to me instantly. quote_right.gif

- Ross Durrer, School of Education, Indiana University

quote_left.gif Thank you all so much. We are constantly impressed by your quick response and resolutions. quote_right.gif

- Jimmy Rico, Educational Technology Center, Texas State University

quote_left.gif I recently discovered RCampus/iRubric and I love this system! quote_right.gif

- Carla Rossiter-Smith, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Pasco-Hernando State College

quote_left.gif iRubric made my life so much easier because of the way it compiled and aggregated the information for me. It broke every portion of the rubric data down for me so that I could compare which scores improved or decreased between the pre-assessment and post-assessment scores. What a wonderful feature! I shared with some other graduate students as part of my grad requirements and I told them to give RCampus a try! quote_right.gif

- Deborah Breda, Masters of Education, Salisbury University

quote_left.gif Using the eCommunities and Assessment features of RCampus, Missouri FCCLA was able to conduct online evaluation of student competitive event projects. It worked like a charm! Thank you so much for this wonderful service. quote_right.gif

- Christine Hollingsworth, Supervisor and State Advisor, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Missouri Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

quote_left.gif RCampus Support has been such an excellent change for the Business Seminars Program that I oversee at Santa Ana Community College in Southern California. Their recreation of our website and subsequent addition of multi-layers of support platforms for both our faculty and students has opened up channels of communication unavailable in the past. We have worked together now for 3 years and their system is straight-forward, easy to become accustomed to and the RCampus team is ALWAYS available for assistance, support and guidance. quote_right.gif - Dianne M. Freeman, Coordinator, PSI Business Seminars/Santa Ana College

quote_left.gif Rcampus has been extremely useful in my classroom. It has saved me tremendous amounts of time, and the students really like using the Rcampus system. Thank you for such a well-designed system. quote_right.gif - Mark Bowman, Instructor, South Branch Career and Technical Center, WVDE Office of Instructional Technology

quote_left.gif I love your rubric platform! I had my 7th grade students build a rubric for their science fair experiment. They used their rubric to tally the dependent variable for their results! Such a wonderful learning tool! quote_right.gif - Mary Cooper, St. Mary School

quote_left.gif Your service is very helpful. I was introduced to iRubric about three years ago at an in service training. I immediately loved it. I also spread the news when I came back to Franklin. I saved so much time using this service. I taught ninth grade English for 15 years here in Franklin, TN. I wish I had this product when I taught in Indiana. Thank you for making my life easier when I was in the classroom. quote_right.gif - Joyce Bonomo, Retired Educator

quote_left.gif I love Rcampus. ...I wanted you to know that RCampus is a Godsend to part time instructors like me because it allows me to use one system for all schools that I work at. I have access to it where ever I go and it is very easy to use. My students like it as well. thank you so much. quote_right.gif - Judy Houser

quote_left.gif You folks are awesome! Thank you for your GREAT SUPPORT and product...You're one in a million!!!!! quote_right.gif - Henri J. Blits, Faculty, Emeritus College/Santa Monica College

quote_left.gif Wow! I just stumbled upon your website and I cannot wait to use your rubrics in my class this year! Thank you for your wonderful service. quote_right.gif - Michele Aragon, U.S. History Teacher and Social Science Department Chairperson, Jefferson Middle School Torrance USD

quote_left.gif Merci Beaucoup - As a new teacher I found it a pure DELIGHT to use your rubric building resource. Thanks so much and sending you every good wish! quote_right.gif - Madame Sellers, French Teacher

quote_left.gif Rcampus is a "Gem". quote_right.gif - Bill Greiner, the Chair of the Department of Art and Digital Media at Olivet Nazarene University

quote_left.gif After some searching I found several rubrics that were related to what I was looking for. None were quite what I needed but it was SO easy to edit and create one that fits my curriculum. Thank you for such a great resource. quote_right.gif - C. Wachsmuth, Food Studies, Strathmore High School

quote_left.gif Thank you for providing this website for teachers. I enjoyed using your rubric maker. I will share your site with teachers in an upcoming workshop. quote_right.gif - Dan Kohnstamm, Whitefish High School

quote_left.gif I recently found this website and I am loving it. I’m still getting familiar with it, but I’m enjoying it. I’ve already shared this website with my colleagues. Thank you so much for everything!! quote_right.gif - Lisa McClain, Fulton Independent School

quote_left.gif I just found out this web site looking for something else, but as an educator I found it so superb that I couldn't miss the opportunity of opening an account and obviously taking advantage of such a powerful tool. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif Thanks for helping make my life easier. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif I LOVE this tool. Thank you!! quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif I am a lead math teacher at my school. In the couple of days I have been a member, your site has saved me hours (days & months) of work and time. Finally, an educator's site which is both practical and user friendly. In essence, I work smarter - not harder! Thank you-again. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif I have to tell you that I really LOVE the rubric maker. It is the best that I have found anywhere. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif Firstly, I love your site . It's a brilliant place for busy teachers to find/ modify rubrics to assess their students. Thank you.” quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif I love your site! I've finally found a place where teachers can share information freely! quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif I have only been using RCampus for a few weeks, but have found it to be AMAZING. The ease of set up, the calendar, the ease of copying assignments to different classes. I have found nothing that needs to be improved at this time. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif After a lengthy stint on the internet looking for rubrics so that I didn't spend so much time reinventing the wheel, I finally discovered your site. What a Godsend! Thank you!!!! quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif RCampus/Classcentral is amazing! I just love how easy it is to use. The customer support is awesome too! I have already begun to tell others about it. THANKS! quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif I absolutely love this site! It's nearing the end of the semester, but it helped my figure my grades: one less headache... Thanks, again, for this great site and for reducing my stress level. I teach English, and I dislike math and calculating grades. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif I REALLY like your service and plan to tell others about it. I am just amazed it is free. Thank you very much. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif The timely matter in which you reply [to support questions] is amazing, I would just like to say that ... quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif Thank you so much! =) How cool! Ya'll are awesome! quote_right.gif - Minh Do, Senior, University of Texas at Dallas

quote_left.gif I am very pleased with RCampus/ClassCentral services... quote_right.gif - Alice Sim, University at Buffalo

quote_left.gif I believe RCampus/ClassCentral is helpful and has the potential to become a popular and well used system. quote_right.gif - Caroline, Freshman, Harvard University

quote_left.gif Many members from our club really enjoy the conv[en]ience of seeing posts and messages, neatly and conv[en]iently posted right there in front of them right when they go to our site. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif I've been using Yahoo groups to communicate with my students. Where have you been hiding all this time? quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif The more I use the site, the more I like it. Three of my classes are virtually paperless. In my largest classes, I am using the site to keep IEP students informed of assignments. I wish every student had access to a computer; I could have all 7 of my courses turn in work here! quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif Thanks for such a wonderful tool for me and my students. I know there are other sites with similar features; however, my students and I like having the capability to use rubrics! quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif Thank you for this wonderful tool. I have the option to use [name removed] in my 8th grade class, as well as your application, but your features win me over! quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif I love this Course Management System. I think it is great. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif I was using a different program of the same type, but have found RCampus to meet the needs of teachers and students much better. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif Your eLearning suite is absolutely amazing. My students love the convenience and so do I. Keep up the great work. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif You guys are amazing! Me, as well as some of my other club members are so impressed by your customer service. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif You are like the safe version of MySpace. I can't get over how much functionality you packed in your website. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif ClassCentral made my teaching life easier and it’s so easy to use. Now I can spend more time helping students learn rather than sorting papers and tracking grades. quote_right.gif

quote_left.gif You guys are doing a great job helping students. quote_right.gif

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