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Student Enrollment Status Options:

  • Not Enrolled: Student has never joined the class.
  • Pending: Student has joined the class and can access all class materials and the message board. This is merely a flag to indicate that a new student has joined and his/her enrollment status needs to be verified by the teacher. If the student is in fact enrolled, change the status to 'Enrolled'.
  • Enrolled: Teacher has changed the status from Pending to Enrolled. Student has access to all class-related materials.
  • Audit: Similar to Enrolled in functionality. Tells the teacher that student is auditing (and not fully enrolled).
  • Dropped: Student has dropped the class and does not have access to the class any longer. Students with 'dropped' status will continue to show on your roster and gradebook.
  • Hide/Block: Student should not have joined the class and is blocked. Use this for cases when students with multiple logins join a class multiple times. The blocked status will prevent the student from joining the class again. Students with 'hide/block' status will not show on your roster or gradebook. To access them, use the manage roster page.

Note: Students cannot be deleted from the roster. Instead, please set the Enrollment Status to dropped or blocked.

How to edit a student's enrollment status

Student enrollment status at the bottom of student profile page.

There are two methods to change a student's enrollment status.

Using student profile

  1. Select your class from the class list and select Roster from the side menu.
  2. Click on a student's name to open their profile.
  3. Change enrollment status and press save.

Using manage roster

  1. Open manage roster.
  2. For each student, select an enrollment status from the drop down.
  3. Press save.

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