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Class join screen. Students go to this page to self-register. Teachers should let students know about the Class ID and the Access Code prior to this step.

Our roster builder and management tools allow faculty to easily add students to a class roster and manage roster records. When a student joins your class through the Join Class feature, the student's name is automatically added to the class roster. All you need to do next is simply update the student's enrollment status from pending to enrolled, audit, other, dropped, or blocked.

Directly from the class roster, faculty can also do other class activities, including send teacher-student private messages and access a student grade card.

How to build a class roster

To build a class roster, students should be added to a class. See student registration for details.

Importing Rosters

The import option lets administrators create accounts in a batch mode. This feature is only available in our Enterprise Edition. The Personal Edition requires each user to create an account and accept our Terms of Use individually.

Note: Enterprise Edition administrators, please contact us for the import format.

Managing Roster

Faculty can use the roster management tools to change student enrollment status or create a link between manually-added students and self-registered students. Manually-added students are the ones that were added by the teacher, but are not linked to an actual user. Teachers need to link that record with a student that has self-registered to avoid duplicates in the roster.

How to link a manually-added student to a self-registered student

  1. From classroom top menu, select rosters.
  2. Select the class you want to access from the drop down list.
  3. Click on Manage Roster.
  4. Follow the instructions on the page to select a self-registered student for a record you had manually entered.
  5. Press [save].

How to edit a student's enrollment status

In the manage roster page, change the enrollment status of students and press save. See enrollment status for detailed information on various statuses.

Enrolling students

See How to build a class roster for detailed information.

Deleting students

Students cannot be deleted from the roster. However, they can be dropped or blocked by changing their enrollment status (see below).

Dropping students

To drop a student, set the enrollment status to 'dropped'. See enrollment status for detailed information.

Blocking students

To block a student that should not have access to the class, or a student that self-registered multiple times with different logins, set the enrollment status to 'hide/block'. A 'hide/block' status is different from 'dropped' status. See enrollment status for detailed information.

Adding students to multiple classes

Students must have already joined one of your classes in order to be added to your other classes.

  1. Open the roster for the class where the student has already joined.
  2. Click on the student name. This will open the student profile with a list of your classes at the bottom.
  3. Change the student's enrollment status to "enrolled" to add him/her to any other class.
  4. Press [save].

Other functions

Teachers can do other class activities directly from the class roster.

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