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Sample student eportfolio.

Our ePortfolio builder and management system allows students to create multiple feature-rich ePortfolios for different purposes (e.g. showcase learning outcome, job or school applications, project presentations, etc.)

See an example of a student Presentation ePortfolio at http://my.rcampus.com/studentx.W92689.

Read How-to articles by a graduating student.

To start building Presentation ePortfolios, visit RCampus ePortfolios.

What is an ePortfolio

An ePortfolio (Electronic Portfolio) is a collection of your work (artifacts and reflections) in electronic format, which is managed by you and usually kept online.

Students can use their ePortfolio as a record of their learning with evidence of achievements. They can also build career ePortfolios to help them collect and manage artifacts related to their future career goals.

Faculty ePortfolios usually include their curriculum vitae, areas of research, achievements, and any related artifacts.

Why our ePortfolios

Many advantages of using our Showcasing ePortfolios include:

  • Multiple usages for different purposes: career, presentation, reflective, etc.
  • Multiple pages within an ePortfolio
  • Online submission for grading (using our RCampus LMS)
  • Easy assessment with rubrics
  • Collect and organize your artifacts
  • Upload documents, photos, audio, videos
  • Secure and private
  • Member-only pages with access restriction
  • Unique web address
  • Customizable header and footer
  • Many choices of site skins
  • Flexible menu settings
  • Secure and threaded message board / discussion forum for feedback
  • Secure contact page
  • Invite page
  • Calendar
  • and much more!

ePortfolio Integration

Our ePortfolio System is a part of the RCampus platform. It can be used independently or integrated with existing systems, such as other learning platforms or Student Information Systems (SIS).

If you have any questions or are interested in having our ePortfolio System for your institution, please contact us.

ePortfolios How-to

Creating an ePortfolio

Students can easily create multiple Showcasing ePortfolios for different purposes and submit them to their teachers/evaluators for feedback.

Please go to Student ePortfolios for more information.

Evaluating an ePortfolio

Faculty can assign, collect and grade student Showcasing ePortfolios easily and quickly from their personal websites.

Please go to ePortfolios for teaching for more information.

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