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Quiz module and Test Bank are available only with the Enterprise Edition, Express Edition and Personal Edition with Premium Upgrades. To purchase a license for your institution, please contact us.

Features for teachers

  • Build a question bank and any number of quizzes and exams
  • Easy to navigate repository of quizzes and questions
  • Create Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, Fill-in and Short Essay questions
  • Generate quizzes and exams for online or offline use
  • Build practice quizzes that students can take multiple times or real quizzes/exams with time limit
  • Re-use a question in multiple quizzes without re-entering
  • Auto-generation builds a quiz based on your criteria
  • Auto-shuffling feature randomizes questions and answer choices
  • Drag and drop to rearrange questions
  • Attach a quiz to any type of coursework
  • Assign a quiz to multiple classes
  • Duplicate and re-purpose questions or entire quizzes
  • Automatic grading and scoring
  • Automatic score adjustment to coursework points
  • Time stamp shows when quiz was taken by each student
  • Access student answers directly from the gradebook
  • A number of settings to facilitate online quizzes
  • Allow students to view correct answers and grade upon completion
  • and more.

How to Build a Quiz or Test

  1. Go to Classroom, Tests & Quizzes from top menu
  2. Use the side menu to build questions
  3. Use the side menu to build a quiz / test

How to create an online Quiz or Test for students

  1. First create a quiz as explained above
  2. Create a new coursework
  3. Attach the quiz to the coursework

Your students will see the quiz in their Coursework area

How to view student's detailed Test or Quiz results

  1. Go to Classroom, Grades from top menu
  2. Click on the title of the test or quiz, located at the top of the gradebook
  3. Click on the time stamp under the Completed column

A new window will open with the student's test or quiz results.

How to Reset a Student's Quiz or Test

  1. Go to Classroom, Grades
  2. Select the class
  3. Click on the title of the coursework
  4. Next to the student’s name, click on [options]
  5. Choose the second option: “Allow student to retake a brand new quiz and throw away his/her answers. Reset the clock and give student full time limit.”
  6. Press [save]

How to add a keyword or subject to a Quiz or Question

  1. Go to Classroom, test & quizzes
  2. From the left side menu, click “my questions” or “my quizzes”
  3. To the right, click See a list of my quizzes or See a list of my questions
  4. Click on the edit (pen & paper) icon
  5. Enter text in the fields for “Keywords” and “Subjects”
  6. Press [save]

Features for students

  • Take quizzes and exams online
  • Easily jump to questions
  • Monitor your progress during online exam
  • Skip questions and return later
  • Timer showing both time spent and remaining time
  • Immediate scoring upon completion
  • Review teacher feedback upon completion
  • and more.

How to take an online Quiz or Test

  1. Go to Classroom, Coursework from top menu
  2. Locate and open the coursework for the quiz
  3. Click on the link when you are ready to take the quiz. If it's a timed quiz or test, the clock will start running once you are ready.

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