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This page helps you identify and resolve login issues:

Note: Your email address is NOT your login name.

Are your login name and password correct?

  • If you are sure that your login name and password are correct, i.e. you have been using them without a problem, go to the next step.
  • If you are not sure about your login name and password, please select the forgot? link on top of the page and complete the form. You will receive an email with either your login name or a link to reset your password within a few minutes.

You have the correct login name and password, but cannot log in

Some browsers, firewalls or other security software may block information such as login name or password from being transmitted over the web. They may allow you to login to some websites and not to other sites.

If you have entered the correct login information and you still cannot login successfully, please check the security settings of your browser. Also check the settings of your firewall or other security software that you use.

A few things you can do:

  1. Start with your browser.
    • Internet Explorer users:
      1. Select Tools, Internet Options from top menu.
      2. Click on Privacy tab.
        • Try to lower the privacy, click [OK], and try to login.
        • Alternatively on the Privacy tab, you can press Sites..., enter our website address (e.g. www.rcampus.com, www.tbxn.com, or the site you are using) and press Allow.
    • FireFox users:
      1. Select Tools, Options from top menu
      2. Select Privacy
      3. If Accept cookies from sites is not checked, you can either check it or click on Exceptions, enter our website address (e.g. www.rcampus.com, www.tbxn.com, or the site you are using) and press Allow. Then press Ok and try again.
  2. Then check your firewall software, privacy control software, spyware software, etc. Any of these softwares may interfere with your access. Examples of these softwares would be ZoneAlaram, Symantech/Norton, and MacAfee, but there are thousands of others in the market.
  3. Finally, if you can access from home and not from school, contact your school administrator. You can also try accessing our alternative websites. Your login will work on any of our sites (www.rcampus.com, www.irubric.com and www.tbxn.com) and will give you access to the same account.

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