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Class join screen. This page is used by students to self-register. Teachers should let students know about Class ID and Access Code prior to this step.

Self-registration is when students join a class on their own. This is the preferred method of building a class roster.

See manual registration for a less-efficient method of building a roster.

How it works

  1. Invite students (see below).
  2. Students follow the instructions to join the class.
  3. As students join the class, the roster is built.

How to invite

Decide if you want to invite others by providing written instructions, sending a link to their email or by inviting them directly (user will be prompted to accept the invitation when logging in to the system).

Provide written instructions

  1. Select invite others.
  2. Provide written instructions.

Send link to email

  1. Select invite others.
  2. Click invite online.
  3. Select email address.
  4. Enter email addresses into box.
  5. Click send invites.

Add instantly

  1. Select invite others.
  2. Click invite online.
  3. Click the username radio button.
  4. Enter usernames into the text area.
  5. Click add instantly or send invites.

To view the status of invites

  1. Click invite others.
  2. Select see all invitations.
  3. You can view all pending, accepted, denied and deleted invites sent via email.

To delete an invite

  1. Click invite others
  2. Select see all invitations
  3. Click Delete under the invited person's username or email address

Note 1: Students who joined the class late will have access to class materials and communications from day one.

Note 2: Teachers can set the deadline for students to join the class.

Steps for students

Please see joining a class for students to join a class.

Benefits of self-registration

  • Roster is built automatically (no manual entry is required by teachers).
  • Student profiles are created and maintained by students and not by faculty members. This allows students to control their email address and email notification settings.
  • Students can access coursework materials, grades, message board, etc.

Self-registration FAQ

My student registered in a wrong class. Can I transfer him to another class?

Yes, you can drop the student from the incorrect class and add them to the correct class by following the steps for transferring students.

If I drop a student from my class, will it remove him from RCampus?

No, it will not remove him from RCampus.

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