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How do I stop messages from being emailed to me?

A copy of all messages that are posted to you or to your group are sent to you by default. Use Email alerts to stop messages sent to your group(s) from being emailed to you.

Note: Personal messages (i.e. messages addressed to you) are always emailed to you.

I've lost a message, how do I find it?

There are many ways to locate a message. Try any of the following:

  • Look for a message under the expired or deleted submenus.
  • If you remember the recipient of the message, select it from the left side-bar of your inbox. This will show only those messages sent to that recipient.
  • If you have any items on the left side-bar of your inbox selected, select All Messages.
  • If you have created folders and saved the message in a folder, check under your folders submenu.
  • From your Inbox, press the email style button to see all individual messages. Sort messages by sender, subject, or date to help you locate the lost message.

I'm receiving inappropriate anonymous messages

Inappropriate use of our system is against our Terms of Use (TOU). Please report any abuse to our support team by clicking the report abuse button and we will investigate it further.

Members who abuse this feature will result in their accounts being suspended or closed. See Anonymous messages for more information.

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