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How do I delete or inactivate a class?

To inactivate a class, see inactivate class.

I can't find a class I created and I didn't inactivate it, where did it go?

Please check to make sure that the course was not inactivated. If you inactivated the course that the class is listed under, the class will not display in your 'active' class list.

To reactivate a course:

  1. Go to classroom > classses
  2. Click on the title of the course
  3. Uncheck the box next to "Inactivate this course" and press [save].

How do I change the Join Deadline?

  1. Go to classroom > classses
  2. Click on the class title
  3. Click Class Properties from the left side menu, under Settings
  4. Under Class Access permissions, next to Join Deadline, enter the desired date
  5. Click save

How do I import my roster?

Roster import is not available in our Personal Edition, but it is available in our Enterprise Edition. However, you can easily build your roster by having students self-register.

How do I co-teach a class?

In order to use our multi-teacher feature, all teachers must be subscribed to the premium plan Classroom Plus Unlimited to co-teach a class. Once you and your colleagues are both subscribed, they can invite you to join their class.

Why does my class page say "under construction"? My students need to access the class and materials.

The "under construction" message only displays on new class pages that have never been edited and saved. As long as your students are enrolled in the class, they will be able to to access the class and its materials.

You can remove the "under construction" message by editing the page.

Can I conduct live virtual instruction?

RCampus is an asynchronous platform so it doesn't include a feature for live video streaming. However, you can upload videos or embed them in your classroom portal or put a link to a video conferencing software.

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