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iRubric Global Gallery is a collection of rubrics built by our members and made available to the public. iRubric Gallery is a part of our iRubric framework for building, assessing, and sharing rubrics for assessments.

iRubric Gallery contains more than half a million rubrics. Read our press release here.

How to find a rubric

  1. Select gallery from rubrics menu.
  2. Select a subject by clicking a subject type or select from a drop down menu. You can also select a type by doing the same.
  3. Clicking on a rubric (rubric.gif) will display the rubric.

How to copy a rubric

Use these rubric icons to edit, print, copy, bookmark, grade and apply a rubric
  1. Follow steps to find a rubric and click on its title.
  2. Click on the duplicate (copy.gif) icon on top of the rubric.
  3. Press [yes, copy the rubric].

How to bookmark a rubric

  1. Follow steps to find a rubric.
  2. Click on Bookmark this rubric (favorite_add.gif) icon next to the rubric of your choice.
  3. Add comments if needed and press save.

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